Welcome To The UWO ChemClub Website!

The UWO Undergraduate Chemistry Society, or simply "ChemClub", is a student chapter of the Canadian Society for Chemistry and the Chemical Institute of Canada. The Chem Club consists of students enrolled in any Chemistry-related program at the University of Western Ontario. 

The mission of the UWO Undergraduate Chemistry Society is to: facilitate networking and information exchange between students and professors; support students so they can attend and present their research in regional and national conferences; and promote chemistry in the local community. 

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Welcome to Western University's Chem Club Website!



Chem Club Elections 2014

Presidential Candidates:

Natalie Thoman

Hi there! My name is Natalie Thoman, I’m in second year Genetics and Biochemistry and your current VP Academic.  Through my work this year with the Chemistry Club, I have been able to be a part of almost every event that we have hosted. I have experience with the March Break Open House, Fall Preview Day, National Chemistry Week, organizing the first year tutorials and the BUGS and Chem Club ice cream social, as well as taking over the last responsibilities of merchandise. It is through these events that I believe I have gained the required skills in order to be a great President for the Chemistry Club next year. Although I am not in the chemistry faculty, through previous classes and my work in this club I have gotten to know many of the professors and faculty members we work with.  I think my previous experience would be a great asset to this team, and I have plenty of fresh ideas for next year! I would love to represent all of you as the President of your Chemistry Club and use your talents to make next year the best year yet! 


Spencer Martin

3rd Year Chemistry

 I would like to represent the Chemistry department as Chem Club President next year because everyone in chemistry is Sodium fine.  Over the course of this year I have grown to love being a part of this department because it is true that chemistry is one big family! Whether it is through making new friends inside and outside the classroom or establishing personal relationships with your Profs, It creates a completely new atmosphere at school. As President, I want to make sure next year is not Bohrium, but continues the formation of strong bonds between classmates through fun filled events like Quaff and other social events! In addition to the fun filled events to come, I also have innovative ideas to aid with academics such as presenting “2nd and 3rd year at a glance” for the incoming years, as well as providing knowledge on which electives are available in chemistry and what it is like being involved in research. Finally I believe I would make a great president because my outgoing and enthusiastic attitude are pretty radical and can be seen periodically. 

P.S. Sorry for my bad chemistry jokes, all the good ones Argon.

Spontaneous Spence



VP Outreach

Alex P


     I'd like to enter my name in the electron for the VP Outreach and SSC Liaison positions. I'll be entering my second year of chemistry in the Fall 2014 semester. A little about me:

     I have been looking forward to joining the chemistry department since I started at Western this past year. In my previous employment, I have been told that I am very organized and I enjoy working with different people to achieve a common goal. I am dedicated to my commitments and would work hard to ensure that a conscientious approach was taken with respect to my duties. I also think that combining the roles of SSC Liaison and VP Outreach is logical, given that the responsibility for both positions lies in working collaboratively with other individuals. Good luck on finals and thank you.

Thank you,

     - Alex Pasqual


VP Social

Rachel McCormack 

Entering 3rd Year Honours Spec. Chemistry

I would like to run for the position of VP Social because I am bubbly and outgoing girl that is often described as an excited electron. Over the past year I have grown to love my fellow chemmies and I can't think of a better way to bring everyone together than by organizing awesome socials and events (alcohol is a solution after all). I am an extremely organized person (you should see my orgo notes) so event-planning is right up my alley - I'm that person that makes lists of lists. With athletics being such a huge part of my life, I will make sure that our chemmies are well represented in intramurals (I will motivate alkynes of chemmies to play). Overall, if you want someone who is dedicated, has a passion for chemistry (and the destressing that follows), is super organized and involved you won't be disappointed (like you are when your NMR is not able to be elucidated). 

Thank you,


Jacob Lacharity
I feel that I would be an excellent choice for the position of Chem Club VP Social. I am currently enrolled in my third year of the Hons BSc in Chemistry and will be entering my 4th year in September. I believe I would be a good candidate because I am organized and outgoing. I am more than capable of organizing events for large numbers of people and ensuring that they run smoothly and effectively. If elected, I promise to ensure that all events next year are fun and enjoyable for all. Thank you!


VP Sports

Margot T


My name is Margot Treidlinger and I am interested in applying for VP sports. I will be in my third year of Honors Specialization Chemistry this coming fall. I have enjoyed running and participating on many intramural teams my past two years at Western University and I am excited to try out some new sports with my fellow chemistry friends. I think sports are a great way to meet people and let go of some academic stress. As for myself, I love both recreational and competitive sports. There are not many sports I haven't tried but I am open to anything of the chemistry member's interest. My goals if granted this position would be to develop spirited teams and have all players looking forward to their games.


VP Academic

Flora J

"I'm graduating soon and I want to know what to do!" "I want to know whether this will be on the exam." "I want to enjoy going to school again." 

Hi everyone! My name is Flora Jung and I want to help. My first step is by running to be your VP Academic for the 2014-2015 school year and with the experience of being a first year representative for the club and 5 years of tutoring under my belt, I assure you that I am more than capable of excelling in this position. Though I'm limited by our short attention spans and a word count, allow me the opportunity to prove it to you. 

Having attended every tutorial and outreach event this year, I've complied some ideas. For one, I want to run a Q&A panel with upper-year Chemistry students and professors to give younger students the opportunity to ask questions about their research projects and how to go about obtaining lab positions. As for tutorials, I believe that the tutors should be students who have taken the course recently (i.e. 2nd years for 1301 tutorials, rather than have 4th years struggle to remember 1st year material) so that both tutors and students are making the best use of their time. 

Fellow club members: our club has conquered the fields with our intramural sports teams and charities with our outreach projects. The time has come for our club to conquer the classrooms. Vote Flora Jung for VP Academic! I'm here to mold the Chemistry experience that you'll love.


Ryan Maar (4th Year)


I am a patient, responsible and helpful individual who strives to be the best I can be at whatever task I set out to complete. I have been on the Dean's List for the last two years and will be pursing graduate studies after next year. I intend to enter the field of academia after I have completed my studies. This opportunity would be excellent preparation and would provide skills necessary to be an effective instructor when I enter the workforce. I enjoy helping people with various problems and feel as though the ability to run numerous tutorial sessions would be of extreme benefit to first year students.  I enjoy working individually as well as part of a team and would like to provide the same enjoyable chemistry experience that I received. I am excited to learn and I feel that being an executive member of the Chem Club would help me to grow as a person. I would like to thank you for this opportunity and for your time in reading my application.

Ryan Maar


Gabriela Tan

Year (as of Fall 2014): 2nd

Position: VP Academics

Excelling in academics has always been important to me, which is why I am running for the VP Academics position. I believe that there are various ways to enhance study habits such as working with other people who are knowledgeable in the subject of study (in this case, Chemistry) as well as using resources provided. I would be a good candidate for this position because I have been one of the First Year Representatives for the ChemClub and I know how important tutorials and Q&A sessions are for first year students. It is important for us to reach out to students in the Chemistry Department to make them aware that we can offer academic support through these review sessions. I also believe that we should attempt to expand our available resources by offering tutorials to second year students as well. By being elected this position, I will ensure that academics will be a priority and promote the resources that we can provide to students. 

Thank you :)




VP Communications

Luissa V

My name is Luissa Vahedi and I will be a second year Health Science student in September. You may recognize me as one of the First Year Representatives for the 2013-2014 school year. Most importantly… I am running to be Chemistry Club’s VP of Communications next year.

Why VP of Communications of all positions available?

Well, because communication is key in chemistry and in the world of human interaction. Chemistry club’s website, displays, activities, and bulletin boards must attract UWO students to take part in social events that both celebrate and encourage chemistry. Chemistry club is the nucleus of the UWO Chemistry community. The VP of communications represents the nucleus’ ability to attract students and faculty in participating in chemistry club social events. Without the VP of communications, Chemistry Club is just a lonely nucleus without the electrons of students and faculty to participate in social events. Chemistry Club will only have a stable octet with me as the VP of Communications.

Why am I the best candidate for this position?

Consider me the Fluorine atom. I possess the greatest affinity for captivating peoples’ interests for matters chemistry club related. I am a visually creative person and will have no problems creating captivating displays, website pages, and boards. One glance at my visual creations will make chemistry club irresistible. 

If above wasn’t convincing enough, in the words of Bill Nye, "Please consider the following":

-       I have the best chemistry pick up lines (and yes, I do use them occasionally)

-       I LOVE breaking bad

-       My mom is a chemist, so I once dyed my hair blond with 2,5-diaminotoluene and Hydrogen Peroxide.

-       I have two laminated copies of The Periodic Table (Don’t get too jealous)


Bianca C


I would like to apply for VP of communication. My name is Bianca Carelli and next year is my second year of university. I am pursuing an honours biology degree in order to keep many post graduate options open. This role would be a key fit for myself for quite a few reasons. First of all, I always have my cellphone on me and I can send out emails at any time or contact anyone whenever. Additionally, I have strong time management skills, like to add a dash of creativity to everything I do and I love to write, even boring emails! Getting involved is something I have always enjoyed and worked hard to do and so I would love to be apart of the team and help make next year's Chem Club even better than all the years of the past! Thanks for your consideration!

See you Thursday!

Bianca Carelli


VP Records

Nicole M



My name is Nicole Maione, I am HSP Chemistry student and I will be going into my 4th year of studies for the academic year of 2014/2015. The position I would like to run for for the ChemClub Exec is VP Records. I think I would be a good fit for this position because I am a very dedicated and punctual person so I will be present at every meeting and event to ensure my duty is complete. I am also a very responsible person, so I will be sure to always update meeting minutes to keep everyone informed, and keep the USB key up to date and in sight. Lastly, I think I would be a good VP Records because I am quite organized, so I would be able to ensure all students that sign up for the ChemClub end up on the e-mail list and make sure they get all the notifications about the great events ChemClub holds and updates we give at meetings. I absolutely love being a member of ChemClub, and I would be honored to be a member of this clubs exec for the up-coming academic year.




VP Finance

Anna Hordiyenko

Hello. My name is Anna Hordiyenko, and I am immensely interested in the VP Finance position. I will be in my second year of Health Science in the upcoming fall.

I am a volunteer at the Brampton Civil Hospital in the Emergency Room section, there I am given some tasks which require high responsibility and attentiveness to those around, answering people’s questions as well as finding ill patients for family members. This makes me incredibly responsible, as well as an active team player as I work and collaborate with many individuals, but I can also be a strong leader. In my first year, I was very fortunate to gain the position of being a Team Captain in the Dance Force Club. This position offered me the opportunity to teach routines at the practices. My role as a dance teacher had me taking on tasks of leadership that were new to me. I have danced for a long time, but teaching dance presented a new challenge. Despite that, I approached my job with enthusiasm and dedication, and I feel that it paid off. My experiences there left extremely positive impacts on my leadership ability. This position really helped me become more assertive and manage my time very well.

I am good at thinking on my feet. In my first year, I am living off campus and on my own. This experience made me grow up very quickly and it lead to me becoming more responsible and independent.

I know I will be very good for the Finance position as time management, responsibility and independence are key character traits of any good leader.

Thank you very much,

Best regards, see you Thursday


VP Merchandise

Simona M

My name is Simona Miljanic I will be going into 3rd year and I would like to run for two positions Science Student Council Liaison and VP Merchandise.

I am currently a second year student in Chemistry and Biochemistry and have been an active member of Chem Club for both my years here at Western, for example helping out with fall preview day. I believe that merchandise is a big part of Chemistry Club (especially for first years). I've seen and owned the merchandise in the past and I have a lot of ideas for how to keep the same kind of style as well as coming up with new and fun merchandise ideas. I have planned and ordered clothing before. In high school, I designed and ordered shirts for Math Club, and aided in the design, ordering and distribution of graduation sweaters. I am responsible and organized so I know I would be able to order merchandise smoothly and correctly. Since I possess these qualities I know I would attend all SSC meetings and keep the Chem Club up to date, as well as the SSC on the ongoings of the Chemistry Club. I am very enthusiastic and work hard giving every task my all. I believe that I would excel at both these positions and keep the Chem Club up to the standards it has always had. 


Simon Miljanic


Laura Kizovski

I’m Laura Kizovski, currently a first year student in the Medical Science First Entry Program at Western and going into the second year Medical Science program in Fall 2014. I am a member of Chem Club this academic school year and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. It is a great group of people who share the same interests as me and it’s always fun! I would like to apply for the position of VP Merchandise because I think it’s what makes people notice Chem Club. When I wear the trade mark Chem Club W“ester”n logo, people always stop me to tell me how much they love my shirt. Merchandise is a great way to promote Chem Club and it is something that everyone loves. I believe I would be a good fit for this position because I have a lot of great ideas, which include some witty chemistry jokes. I am hardworking and dedicated to my work in anything I do. I am passionate about Chem Club and would be honoured to be a part of it. I am good with dealing with money because I am extremely organized, trustworthy and efficient when orders need to be placed. I would also like to apply to be the SSC liason. I am willing to put in the commitment that is necessary to attend all SSC meetings. I am extremely passionate about science and would love to be able to sit in on our council to see the decisions being made.

I am a great fit for these positions because of my dedication, hardworking mentality and passion for science.

 Thank you,

 Laura Kizovski


Jessica West
3rd Year

Firstly, I would like to start off by saying I love chemistry and would be honoured to be part of Chem Club with all the other chemmies. I would like to run for VP of merchandise because I am a typical materialistic girl. I have a shopping addiction and would love to share and spread this addiction with the chem world. I can and I will motivate individuals to buy our punny items because nothing is more intimidating than a girl holding 12M HCl. Likewise, nothing is more exhilarating than ordering items online with other people’s money. I love to organize events, and therefore will be more than willing to arrange a merchandise sale. Furthermore, if we need new innovative ideas for items I am your girl to make that happen. All in all, if I was elected to be VP of merchandise, I will probably not only buy half of the items, but also enable everyone’s inner shop-zilla.

Have a lovely day and good luck on exams!

-Jessica West


SSC Liason

See Alex P (VP Outreach section) and Simona M (VP Merch section).


And This Year's Chem Club Executives Are... (Drum roll, please)

Congratulations to the following for obtaining and confirming their respective placements on the Chem Club Executive Board for the 2013/2014 academic year:

President - Matthew Vriesen

Vice President - Susanna George

VP Academics - Natalie Thoman

VP Communications - Nivin Nasri

VP Finance - Brooke Hofbauer

VP Merchandise - Jordan Walwyn

VP Outreach - Jessica Pereira 

VP Records - Tina Homayouni

VP Social - Britt Lewis

VP Sports - Jennifer Keir

We thank all those who have applied and encourage everyone to continue to be involved! 



Chem Club Elections!

Hey ChemClub!

Elections night is fast approaching and the candidate list has been finalized.  Come out Wednesday, April 3, at 8 PM, in ChB 115, and vote for your favourite candidates!  Here's a list of candidates and their personal statements:


Matt Vriesen

            My name is Matt Vriesen and I will be in my 4th undergraduate year in Honours Specialization Chemistry come fall 2013.  I would love to be next year's ChemClub president: throughout my time as VP Outreach this year, I have learned how the club functions and what it takes for everything to get done punctually and effectively.  The best thing about this club is that it’s not an academic club – it’s a social club – and because of that, it takes a willing and able exec team and other participants to operate.  With my leadership, I believe we will be able to grasp community attention, be wonderful first-year tutors, and enjoy each other’s company in the name of chemistry.

Susanna George

            Hi guys! My name is Susanna and I am a third year Chemical Biology student. I have loved Chemistry ever since it first got branched off in Grade 11. It’s amazing to learn about the different molecules you can synthesize and the cool colours some of them have. This past year I was the VP Records of the Chem Club and I loved every minute of it. I got to participate in several events that were hosted as well. I learned a lot about the way the club was run and the different events that were planned.  I also have a lot of experience with running a club from being VP Events for Western Young Tutors this year. I was also a LAMP science peer mentor so I’m aware of how to target first year students and help them out through the club as well. I hope you consider me as a choice for president of the club. 

VP Finance

Brooke Hofbauer

            Hello! My name is Brooke Hofbauer and I have been on the Chem Club's exec for the past 3 years. I began as a first year representative, and I currently hold the position of VP Finance. I would like to be re-elected as VP Finance for my third year in a row because I am dedicated to the position. Being responsible for the club's finances for the past 2 years, I have remained organized, I have kept up-to-date on all transactions, and I continuously update Chem Club's financial records with complete and detailed accounts. I am responsible, trustworthy, and have an avid interest in chemistry. As I am not in a chemistry program, I believe I have a unique outlook as an executive member and can contribute to other club decisions such as social events and collaborations with other clubs. You wouldn't want anyone else handling YOUR money for Chem Club 2013-2014! Vote BROOKE :)

VP Social

Britt Lewis

My name is Brit Lewis and I’m currently in my third year of the chemistry program.  Besides my love of chemistry, I’m also an avid skier and music junkie.  I think that it is imperative to have a balance between school and a social life and that is why I’m running for the VP Social position.  I think that I am an excellent candidate for the position because of my exceptional organizational skills as well as my positive attitude.  I am approachable and want to plan fun events for chemistry students! I have attended a whole slew of chem club events and I have some excellent ideas to bring to the table for next year!

VP Outreach

Jessica Pereira

            I had such a wonderful time as first year rep this year, and would love the opportunity to further my position as VP outreach next year. Through my volunteer work at the open houses, and also through my visit at a local high school to promote chemistry at Western, I’ve come to realize my enthusiasm and desire to spread the word about what our club has to offer. I feel that I could apply my organizational skills and love of helping others to plan exciting events such as National Chemistry Week and Autumn and Spring open houses. I would also promote our events to others as best I can, and be willing to extend my services towards the assistance of any other event as needed.

            I’m attractive.

            My energy has no limiting reagent.

            And I will work with the passion and intensity of a thousand thermite combustions.

            Vote Jessica Pereira for VP Outreach 2013/2014!

VP Academic

Emily LeSouder

            My name is Emily LeSouder. I was one of the first year reps for Chem Club this year. I was able to be a part of national chemistry week, Fall Preview Day and March Break open house. I really enjoyed the experience of being a part of Chem Club and being on exec this year and I would like to get the chance to be on exec again and help make Chem Club even better next year! I think that I would be a good candidate for the position of VP academic because I am currently in first year, and so I am very familiar with the first year course, which is important for organizing tutorials for this position. I was on the academic committee for SSC this year so I also have past academic planning experience. I am eager to get more involved in Chem Club, and would be ready take on any new challenges that come with the position. Also, being a part of exec this year gave me a good idea of what is involved in this position and how the club runs as a whole, which would help me in the coming year.

Natalie Thoman

            Hi there! My name is Natalie Thoman. I’m currently a first year Science student and an active member of the Chemistry Club. I am interested in the VP Academic position. I've attended the first year tutorials, and I feel that they are a great tool for students to prepare before midterms. Having fellow students answer homework questions and give advice on how to study was very beneficial. I would like to be a part of organizing these academic events, and others for first years in the future. I feel that I would be a great candidate for this position because I have personally attended these help sessions before, therefore I would be able to instill improvements or adjustments based on my own experiences. Also, as a student just finishing first year Chemistry, the curriculum would be fresh in my mind to offer answers and advice. I am a very organized individual, so I am confident that I would be able to plan and advertise an event efficiently and enthusiastically. I look forward to the possibility of being a Chemistry Club executive and working with others to ensure that next year’s events are as successful as this years’!

Meredith Allen

            My name is Meredith Allen and I would like to run for VP Academic for next year’s Chem Club. I have a strong interest in chemistry and I am looking forward to continuing my degree in the honours specialization in biochemistry program next year with a minor in pharmacology.

            I am organized, enthusiastic about chemistry and eager to help others learn and develop their interests in chemistry, which has had such an impact on my life.

            I am doing quite well academically in my first year, and I have thoroughly enjoyed the course. I have consistently helped those around me with the course content and I am quite confident in my abilities to encourage understanding.

            I would look forward to promoting student interest and learning in the chemistry department as VP Academic. I feel as though my commitment and enthusiasm would help for this task. I appreciate your consideration. 

VP Merchandise

Jordan Walwyn

            Hi! I’m currently interested in running for the VP merchandise position currently open in the Chemclub. I’m interested in returning as an executive member of the Chemclub because I would like to remain immersed within the chemical society at Western and feel that a position would help me reach this goal. By becoming the VP of merchandise, it would allow me to express myself and my creativity to attract students into chemistry and also maintain, and possibly improve upon, the current chemistry chemwear.

VP Sports

Jen Keir

            My name is Jen Keir, I'm in 3rd year chem and wish to run for VP sports.

            I graduated with a 3 year BHSc degree from here at Western and officially transferred into chemistry this September (woohoo!). I am very involved in sports in the Western community as I have been time keeping hockey and reffing flag football for intramurals for 3 years. Presently I'm the captain of the UWO women's powderpuff flag football team (which I encourage all ladies to try out for next year!). I’ve played flag football and soccer for nearly 10 years and (fun fact!) was skip of the girls curling team in high school (I was the girl that yelled HUURRRYYY). I'm a strong believer in the importance of exercise for relieving stress and giving your brain a break once in a while. We are so lucky at Western to have such a vast array of sports to choose from. I’m an organized and outgoing individual  so if elected, I hope to get a couple of chemistry teams going each semester so that everyone will be interested in at least one of the sports. Network, have a few laughs, keep yourself sane, and prepare your closet for a new purple shirt – it’s one of the best parts in university!

Tina Homayouni

             My name is Tina Homayouni, I am currently in first year, and I am running for the executive position of VP sports. I am a very enthusiastic and driven student who has been involved in sports since childhood. Although I enjoy all types of athletics ranging from track and field to basketball, soccer is my preference. I have been on the soccer team throughout all four years of high school while maintaining a high average along with multiple other extra-curricular activities. Through experience, I have held various leadership roles such as being Residence Representative for the Kidney Club as well as planning multiple charity events through clubs in high school.

             I would be a great candidate for this position mainly because I am an extremely athletic and outgoing individual, who is able to organize various tasks while accommodating others in a professional manner. I also recognize the importance of intramurals in the Western community as a chance to connect and network with people who have similar interests. The Chemistry club is a very large club filled with dedicated students that may not have a chance to connect with others solely through general meetings. Intramurals provide multiple opportunities to make new friends and stay active at the same time. I recognize the importance of this, which contributes to why I'd be an excellent candidate, and I'd also be extremely motivated and interested to make it all happen.

VP Communications

Nivin Nasri

              I’m Nivin Nasri and I would like to take charge as VP Communications for next year. As one of this year’s First Year Representatives, I had the opportunity to see what goes on behind the executive doors of the UWO Chemistry Club. After bonding with this year’s members and absorbing the processes that go into running the society, I realized that I had a high affinity for the experience and would like to continue working with the club. I have solid skills in promotion, advertising as well as organization and have the potential to yield many great ideas. I radiate with enthusiasm for chemistry and I hope you let me make the program here much more accessible to you as to what events are going on, where and when. What it boils down to is that I am positive I will be a great reagent to the team in making next year’s club pursuits a success.

               Some other things you should know about me: I’m good with computers, I believe Facebook is the Holy Grail of Communication so I would like to start a UWO Chem Club page and I also really hate baboons.

               Vote Nivin for VP Communications!


Chem Club Elections

The end of the school year is fast approaching, and that means the ChemClub will be holding elections for next year’s executive members.  These executive members are volunteers who plan and organise all the events for the club.  They also get to decide on the club’s annual t-shirt and merchandise.  This year, the elections will take place on Wednesday, April 3, at 8pm in ChB 115, which is also the last general meeting of the ChemClub for the winter semester.

If you are interested in running for an executive position, please send an email to the elections officer Bryan (brober43@uwo.ca) by Tuesday, March 26.  In this email, please include the position you’re running for, the current year you are in, and a personal statement (max. 200 words) about yourself and why you would be a good candidate for that position.  A list of duties and responsibilities can be found here.  One week prior to elections night, all the candidate names will be posted on the website along with each of the candidates’ personal statements.  On elections night, you will also be asked to give a short speech (1-2 minutes) in front of the club before voting takes place.  It should be noted that individuals doing an internship in the fall semester of 2013 or winter semester of 2014 cannot run for an executive position. 

For any inquiries regarding elections or positions, please email the elections officer.


Skating Event

ChemClub will be going to the Kinsmen Arena this Sunday (March10) from 3:30-4:45.  Come out for a fun public skate!  The arena is located here and the entrance fee will be covered by ChemClub.  If you don;t have skates, skate rentals will also be covered by ChemClub! Hope to see you there.